Dick on July 26th, 2009

On Sunday mornings we often go out to breakfast…..we are about to leave, its 935….late for breakfast huh? Well today it’s a special one……we have done it before but it is worth doing again, so we will.  We will leave here and run up to Sundance Deli to pick up a copy of the San Diego Tribune that is delivered here daily.  It cost more but it is a touch of the Old Country.  Then we will slip into town on the 4 lane highway.  Yes for those that have not been to San Felipe in a long time; the highway into town is 4 lanes and extends from town about 15 miles or more north and being worked on constantly.  THe talk of a 4 lane road to Mexicali may come to be sooner than we all thought.  ANYWAY, when we get to town we will go to Fat Boys at the corner of Chetemal and the Malecon.  Tom has a small place there with great Pizza and Sliders and more.  But, Sunday morning from 10-12 while it lasts he has free breakfast, yes FREE.  You purchase a Bloody Mary, a beer, or other adult beverage and breakfast is free.  The menu is limited but my favorite is huevos ranchero…mmm I will tell u more later…..maybe even a picture….mouth is watering now….later….