martin on January 8th, 2013

San Felipe Carnival 2013 (aka Carnaval San Felipe) 2013, wow, can you believe is just a month away? That’s right, come February 8th, San Felipe Carnival 2013 will be in full gear. As usual, this is a 4 day event which last through February 12th. This year’s theme is very exciting – “The Magic of Circus.” We really like this theme because it broadens the creativity artists can bring to costumes designing.

As usual, the center point for San Felipe Carnival will be in down San Felipe by the Malecon, so head on down to the Malecon from February 8th to enjoy the parade. And if you are considering dates to visit San Felipe, you will want to make note of these dates and try to plan your travel dates around the carnival dates as this is a truly fun filled family event.

There will be lots of food stands maned by the different restaurants in San Felipe, live performances, entertainment music, parades and all culminating in the crowning of Carnaval San Felipe queen. Finally, you get to cheer during the burning of el Mal Humor.

Event: San Felipe Carnival (aka Carnaval San Felipe)
Venue: San Felipe Malecon
Dates: February 8th – 12th, 2013

San Felipe Carnival 2013 (aka Carnaval San Felipe)

San Felipe Carnival 2013 (aka Carnaval San Felipe)

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