martin on October 12th, 2012

As some of you know, there has been lots of additional road construction going on on Highway 5 between Mexicali and San Felipe.  The construction was timed to occur during the slow season in San Felipe.  Trips to San Felipe had involved driving through lengthy patches of dirt road diversions along the construction sites.

The good and bad part of the road constructions was that the authorities had contracted the Mexicali-San Felipe highway construction work to 3 different contractors.   The bad part was this meant 3 different sections of Highway 5 were torn up at the same time, so 3 different diversions. The good part – this tremendously sped up pace of road construction.  Construction crews worked through the summer heat.

Construction is now heading into the end phase, with most stretches of the highway now smooth and fun to drive on.  Best of all, shoulders have been added to side of the highway which makes the road more forgiving when drivers make an error.  There are just two remaining detours around construction sites.  One for about 4 miles and the other for less than half a mile.  Do obey the traffic signs in the construction zones.