Is San Felipe getting a new resort development? Yes! Just 28 miles south of San Felipe, by the Percebu Lagoon, a new resort development project known as Marinazul Golf Resort is about to break ground and start work on infrastructure construction.

This development initiative is being led by the Spanish firm Inveravante Group, a conglomerate of different companies, and is owned by the business tycoon Manuel Jove, who made a name for himself with investments in various other industries including; real estate, finance and tourism in South America, Africa and Europe.

The Marinazul resort is being granted development rights under the hotel and restaurant category – a type A tourist project. This category covers hotels, as well as golf course and real estate developments.

The environmental impact study was conducted by Inveravante-Crecentia organization and delivered in September 2011 to the Environment and Natural Resources agency (SEMARNAT). The study reports that Marinazul will be situated along San Felipe – Bahida de Los Angeles axis, by the Sea of Cortez. This is an untouched stretch of land long recognized for it’s amazing tourism potential.

Marinazul Resort San Felipe

Marinazul Resort San Felipe Terrain

The development was to have started for some time now, but commencement was delayed until the blessing of environmental study was given by SEMARNAT. Marinazul has set a time line of 5 years to complete the basic infrastructure, and an overall project life span of 25 years. Similar to how El Dorado Ranch San Felipe was developed, Marinazul development will be opened in phases.

The economical impact of the project on San Felipe can not be overstated. Just 28 miles from San Felipe, many of the workers and engineers will be living in San Felipe for years and this is expected to create a boom for San Felipe’s real estate and tourism business.

Inveravante project rep in Mexico is Manuel Gonzalez, and he points out that due to the intricacies in the environmental report, special care is being taken with the development as this is to be a top notch tourist-oriented development and planners are going over and beyond to ensure harmony with the environment.

The development includes designing a set of infrastructures that will allow for fun tourist activities, which include sports, recreation, relaxation plus much more.

The most important aspects that distinguish the project are:

1. Design tailored to the environmental conditions of the terrain, thereby making sure the land is put to optimal use in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner

2. Optimum use of water is vital, with emphasis on recycling wastewater to be used in landscaping as well as irrigation of the planned golf course. A desalination plant is also on the drawing board as a source of drinking water.

3. Elimination of wastewater release.

4. Integrated waste processing.

5. Realization of an architectural vision which compliments the characteristics of the surrounding environment.

The project is planned to be built on 1,200 hectares of land.