martin on August 25th, 2009

La Cabana Restaurant: This Mexican restaurant is fantastic, nicely decorated, good inexpensive menus and better yet, great food. No license to serve beer or wine but nonetheless very good. When we went in I did not know it was a Mexican Restaurant. The six place table and chairs all in dark wood with white table cloths and silver set said French or Italian. The menu said different with breakfast, lunch and dinner available. Breakfasts are no more than 50 pesos, lunches topping at 75 pesos and dinners, including steak at a high of 140 pesos. When we went it was busy, most of the ten tables were full with a group. The sound level was high as voices of conversation and chatter echoed. Located just off  San Felipe Airport Road you turn right at the Glorietta, then left at the first stop sign and go one block. It is on the left corner. Street names are the corner of Ensenada and Mar de Rojo. It is well marked.