martin on August 23rd, 2009

Owner Cliff has completely redecorated inside and out. It is more bright and roomy. My favorite is the 1957 TBird Juke box. How can someone that grew up in the 60’ not like that. The Lions meets there monthly. They have all the pizza you can eat for $5.50. That might push a place into failure if I am there too much. I have to find out what night that is or you can call 577-2585. Bingo Thurs at 1pm. Try the Filet Mignon dinner w/margarita and dessert for $7.50. A glass of beer is always $1.00. Saturday night at Los Arcos; Chicken and Dumplings & Dessert $5.00 from 430PM to closing. NASCAR on the Big Screens, hot dogs $0.50. Beer for $1.00 US and free popcorn from 430PM to closing.

Delicious Potroast

The turnout for the Margarita, Filet Mignon Dinner & dessert was great. Everyone said they should do it again. So, all day Sunday 12PM to 8PM the dinner special will be served and it’s still only $7.50US

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