How often do you get to fly in a private plane? And with your very own private pilot? Well, this is possible in San Felipe Baja California, Mexico and should be on your must do list when you vacation in San Felipe. You will experience a flight of a life time taking in aerial views of the San Felipe mountain ranges and the Sea of Cortez….simply exhilarating!

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Rafael, the pilot of the ultralight plane, is a constant fixture in the air space above San Felipe. Because the plane needs very little space to take off and land, Rafael can pick you up almost anywhere there is an open space. To let Rafael know you’re interested in going for a ride, simply give him a waive, and if he’s not already ferrying an excited passenger, he’ll swoop down to pick you up. If he doesn’t come right away, no worries, he’ll stop by shortly. Of course, you can always get in touch with us and we will set up time and location for your to go on a ride.

Source: via on Pinterest


San Felipe ultralight plane

San Felipe Ultralight plane taking off