Come April 12-13, 2013, San Felipe will come alive, with the 4th annual D’Andre & Friends Golf classic. This will be held at the 18 hole Las Caras de Mexico golf course, in San Felipe’s vacation resort of El Dorado Ranch, Baja California, Mexico.

D’Andre and friends golf classic is a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to develop, maintain and coordinate programs that encourage young people to maintain consistent self discipline, good citizenship and a balanced quality of life between athletics and academics thereby building a solid foundation for well-developed, successful adults.

This will be a “Shot Gun Scramble” format tournament with 4 member teams. If you’re not familiar with shotgun scramble golf tournament, this is where all groups tee off at the same play time to ensure that everyone completes not too far apart in time.

If you are a golfer vacationing in San Felipe during the D’Andre & Friend’s Golf Classic, be sure to register early. Come have some golf fun, make new friends and support a worthy cause. is a proud sponsor of the D’Andre & Friends golf classic. 10% of all rental home proceeds goes towards supporting D’Andre & Friend charities. To ensure proper credit, please enter “D’Andre & Friends Classic” when making a reservation.


Entry Fee: $155.00
Phone: 626-399-1952(US) 686-225-0707(MX)

D'Andre & Friends San Felipe Golf Classic, April 12 - 13, 2013

D’Andre & Friends San Felipe Golf Classic