Each entrant must provide team name and contact (with phone number) at the time of registration or let us know within a few of days of registering. On the day of the Cook Off, Club De Pesca will provide you with a name sign which you should attach to your cooking station in a prominent place so that the public can identify their choice for the People’s Choice award.

You MUST let us know whether you will need an electric hookup.

Chili Cookoff guests must purchase tasting cups, spoons and napkins from the Administration Desk.


On the Day of the Cookoff:
# Heating of chili entries will be done on site.
# Preparation may be done in advance.
# Amount of chili to be served: Minimum of three gallons
# Check-in at the Administration Desk (under the north tent next to the Ramada of Club De Pesca) for assignment of space.

# Chefs and their teams should check in by 11:30 a.m. or earlier. Please allow enough time to heat or prepare your chili for judging.

# Deadline for completion of all chili pots for judging is 1:30 p.m.
# Entrants MUST provide their own cooking apparatus. This includes tables (table size not to exceed 48×48 inches), utensils, grills, portable stoves, roaster/ovens, hot pots, extension cords (minimum of 10 ft.), etc.

# Electrical outlets will be provided.

# JUDGES WILL BE SERVED FIRST. Out of courtesy to the judges, we ask that no team provide samples for public tasting until an announcement is made that the Cookoff is open for public tasting and voting for the People=s Choice award.

# Chili cookoff team members are not eligible to vote for the People=s Choice award.


If you have any questions, call Joseph Malek at 686 233-5206

or email:

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