If you will be in San Felipe February 10th, you don’t want to miss the adrenaline filled San Felipe Sand Drags 2013 races. As usual, this promises to be a high energy event with drivers going at it while kicking up lots of sand as they compete in the different categories. San Felipe’s sand texture adds extra challenge to the races and more skill than simply slamming on the accelerator is needed to win. Trophies will be awarded in all categories.

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The weekend of February 10th promises to be super busy with the already scheduled Carnival San Felipe, and with the Sand Drags being held on the same weekend, you will need to plan your vacation time well to be able to catch up on all the fun activities.

Doors open at 12PM. Ticket prices are 50 pesos, or 4 U.S. dollars, all proceeds go towards supporting the local San Felipe volunteer fire fighters.