Come April 12-13, 2013, San Felipe will come alive, with the 4th annual D’Andre & Friends Golf classic. This will be held at the 18 hole Las Caras de Mexico golf course, in San Felipe’s vacation resort of El Dorado Ranch, Baja California, Mexico.

D’Andre and friends golf classic is a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to develop, maintain and coordinate programs that encourage young people to maintain consistent self discipline, good citizenship and a balanced quality of life between athletics and academics thereby building a solid foundation for well-developed, successful adults.

This will be a “Shot Gun Scramble” format tournament with 4 member teams. If you’re not familiar with shotgun scramble golf tournament, this is where all groups tee off at the same play time to ensure that everyone completes not too far apart in time.

If you are a golfer vacationing in San Felipe during the D’Andre & Friend’s Golf Classic, be sure to register early. Come have some golf fun, make new friends and support a worthy cause. is a proud sponsor of the D’Andre & Friends golf classic. 10% of all rental home proceeds goes towards supporting D’Andre & Friend charities. To ensure proper credit, please enter “D’Andre & Friends Classic” when making a reservation.


Entry Fee: $155.00
Phone: 626-399-1952(US) 686-225-0707(MX)

D'Andre & Friends San Felipe Golf Classic, April 12 - 13, 2013

D’Andre & Friends San Felipe Golf Classic


How often do you get to fly in a private plane? And with your very own private pilot? Well, this is possible in San Felipe Baja California, Mexico and should be on your must do list when you vacation in San Felipe. You will experience a flight of a life time taking in aerial views of the San Felipe mountain ranges and the Sea of Cortez….simply exhilarating!

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Rafael, the pilot of the ultralight plane, is a constant fixture in the air space above San Felipe. Because the plane needs very little space to take off and land, Rafael can pick you up almost anywhere there is an open space. To let Rafael know you’re interested in going for a ride, simply give him a waive, and if he’s not already ferrying an excited passenger, he’ll swoop down to pick you up. If he doesn’t come right away, no worries, he’ll stop by shortly. Of course, you can always get in touch with us and we will set up time and location for your to go on a ride.

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San Felipe ultralight plane

San Felipe Ultralight plane taking off


Everyone has their own idea of a perfect vacation, perhaps it’s laying on the beach, you’ll find plenty of opportunity for this in San Felipe. Others want a chill vacation with some fun activities they don’t get to do in their normal hectic schedule. If the later is you, how about trying your hands out on creating Art? You may be able to do so on your next San Felipe vacation provided you time your dates right.

Desert Mothers of San Felipe, a non-profit, has announced the dates for several fun playshops(workshops) which will run from February through July. These playshops will be be held once a month, each workshop covers a different form of Art creation. This will be a fun event for all, both locals and vacationers.

Creative Paperclay Sculpture Art Playshop
Creative Paperclay Sculpture Art Playshop
With the use of lightweight material which is a fusion of starches, volcanic ash and wood pulp known as “Creative Paperclay”, the group will then create a “clay” sculpture. After the sculpture has dried hard, you will proceed to the next stage of painting with tempera, watercolor, acrylic, enamel and markers.
Monday, February 18th. 10:30AM – 4PM
Cost: 40-USD or 480-Pesos


Vintage Foil Box Art Playshop
Vintage Foil Box Art Playshop
During this workshop, we will start with a wooden box, which will be transformed into a Vintage Foil Treasure box using aluminum foil transforming it into a hammered metal look. Finished touches will be made using vintage looking buttons, as well as costumes jewelry to complete the look.
Wednesday, March 6th. 10:30AM – 4PM
Cost: 30-USD or 360-Pesos


Exotic Wire Flower Art Playshop
Exotic Wire Flower Art Playshop
Spend a day using iron wire and sausage casings to make exotic and wild sculptural flowers. The casings are great because they make luminous transparent, taunt coverings on top of the wire that can be decorated, inked, stitched and scripted on.
Wednesday, April 3rd. 10:30AM – 4PM
Cost: 40-USD or 480-Pesos


Fused Glass Jewelry Art Playshop
Fused Glass Jewelry Art Playshop
Make your very own pendant and earing designs using colorful glass. From past experience, this one is so popular that participants start designing jewelry as gifts for friends and family. Of course on you , the jewelry will look even better.
Wednesday, May 8th. 10:30AM – 4PM
Cost: 40-USD or 480-Pesos


Recycled Art Playshop
Recycled Art Playshop
This workshop is about letting your imagination guide you as you create newly imagined 3D art using your own unwanted “treasures” as well as those that will be provided.
Wednesday, June 5th. 10:30AM – 4PM
Cost: 30-USD or 360-Pesos


Encaustic Painting Art Playshop
Encaustic Painting Art Playshop
The “encaustic painting” workshop uses a combination of damar resin and beeswax mixed with pigment. The workshop will start with covering the basics of working with encaustic and concentrating on image transfers and collage.
Wednesday, July 10th. 10:30AM – 4PM
Cost: 40-USD or 480-Pesos

Donna Roberts: 686-169-5267 (MX)

Have you made plans for Valentine’s day yet? It’s just 12 days a way. If you haven’t made plans and will be in San Felipe, Baja California, Tuesday, February 12th, why not start the celebrations by taking part in the San Felipe Las Caras de Mexico Sweetheart Golf Tournament. This is going to be a fun golf tournament and plans are in over-drive to ensure everyone has a great time. For those who don’t know, Las Caras de Mexico golf course is in El Dorado Ranch, on San Felipe – Mexicali Highway 5. There will be cash prizes for K.P. & the longest drive. Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Tickets includes breakfast, bucket of balls, trophies golf cart and award ceremony with drinks.

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Bring your sweetheart and take part in the festivities. Last year’s San Felipe Fowl Friends Turkey Trot was so much fun, we thought we try it again! PS- If you don’t have a sweetheart that plays golf, no worries, just use A player + B player

  • Date: February 12, 2013
  • Tickets: $25 or 325 pesos
  • Time: 9AM
  • Need more info? : 408-813-5898 or


If you will be in San Felipe February 10th, you don’t want to miss the adrenaline filled San Felipe Sand Drags 2013 races. As usual, this promises to be a high energy event with drivers going at it while kicking up lots of sand as they compete in the different categories. San Felipe’s sand texture adds extra challenge to the races and more skill than simply slamming on the accelerator is needed to win. Trophies will be awarded in all categories.

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The weekend of February 10th promises to be super busy with the already scheduled Carnival San Felipe, and with the Sand Drags being held on the same weekend, you will need to plan your vacation time well to be able to catch up on all the fun activities.

Doors open at 12PM. Ticket prices are 50 pesos, or 4 U.S. dollars, all proceeds go towards supporting the local San Felipe volunteer fire fighters.

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The dates for the 7th Annual San Felipe Blues and Arts Fiesta have been set – this will take place March 22nd and 23rd, 2013. Unlike the 2012 Blues and Arts Fiesta which was held at the El Cortez hotel, this 7th installment of the Fiesta will be held at the Pavilion restaurant in El Dorado Ranch – San Felipe’s premier vacation resort. The Pavilion complex also double as the golf club house and has beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez beach to the East, plus beautiful views of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Top Performers for the 2013 Blues and Arts Include:

  • The Bayou Brothers
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute band
  • Missy Anderson
  • Sugar Thieves
  • Chet Cannon & The Committee
  • Michele Lundeen
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute band
  • And many more bands from Mexico and U.S.

In addition to the world class jazz music performers, there will be sculpture carvings and designs, Mexican and Indian art paintings, to apparel, and jewelry. If you are vacationing in San Felipe Baja, this will be a good place to look for souvenirs to take back with you.

El Dorado Ranch Pavilion

El Dorado Ranch Pavilion

As usual, the theme for the San Felipe Blues and Arts Fiesta is changing lives through music and art. This is a charitable fun event with internationally acclaimed musicians performing. The proceeds of the two day Fiesta goes towards helping the local organizations such as schools, drug rehabilitation center and the local orphanage. The Blues and Arts Fiesta has grown every year in size thanks for the hard work of the San Felipe Lion’s club and the numerous corporate sponsors.


  • Friday March 22nd – $15
  • Saturday March 23rd – $20

If you plan to be in San Felipe both both days, you get a $5 discount on the ticket and only pay $30.

Where to Stay for the Blues and Arts Fiesta?
The choice accommodation are the rental homes in El Dorado Ranch as these rentals are within walking distance of the Pavilion.

san felipe blues arts fiesta live

san felipe blues arts fiesta


Folks, have you been to the Circus Show going on right now in San Felipe? Wow, these circus troop is amazing! They are so funny and the show just brings out the kid in everyone.

The show is being held in on Chetumal Boulevard, as you’re heading in to town from Highway 5, drive a little past the arches and you will see the can’t miss brightly colored blue tents with the sign that says “Circo Anderson.” The first time I saw the star plastered circus tent, I actually thought it was related to the upcoming Carninval in February, because this year’s Carnival theme is also CircoI(Circus), but then I saw then, I realized it was too early for Carnival preparations.

What is there to see? Well, there are lots of animals performing acrobatic moves that will live you in awe. The clowns and their beautiful colored costumes play their roles so well they’ll leave you laugh8ing for hours.


General Admission: 20 – 40 pesos
Ring Side: 70 pesos

Monday – Friday : 8:15PM
Saturday – Sunday : 6:15pm and 8:15PM

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So you had a great time in San Felipe Mexico and it’s time to head back to the U.S. – What you’ll need.

In my last posting on traveling to San Felipe Mexico from the U.S., we covered Mexican travel documents for your trip to San Felipe – I recommend you read the post, if you haven’t already to learn about the reality of these travel documents. We shall now review travel documents you will need for your return journey to the U.S.

Because there are more people trying to enter the U.S. from Mexico, as opposed to vice versa, you know already that getting into the U.S. is stricter than getting into Mexico. The good old days where you could drive to the Mexico – U.S. border, show your drivers license and proclaim your U.S. citizenships are long gone. Not to worry though, there are a whole host of acceptable documents to the U.S. Customer and Border Protection folks who check the docs of every traveler coming into the U.S.. Basically, the documents presented was be one that is acceptable under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) The goal of WHTI is to facilitate entry for U.S. citizens and other lawful residents and visitors while maintaining border security.


For U.S. citizens, the U.S. passport is the first and easiest document that usually comes to mind of travelers wishing to enter the U.S. from Mexico. Easiest because this is one document that works not just for crossing from Mexico into the U.S., but this travel document can be used for arriving in the U.S. from any country around the world. New U.S. passports costs $140 plus a processing fee of $25. You should read about the Passport Card below before deciding if this is the best option for you as there are cheaper options.

If you have a U.S. passport – Great, you are covered. But if you don’t have a U.S. passport, ordering a one right before your trip to San Felipe may not work due to the passport processing times which can last weeks. If you are in this category, don’t despair, you can continue with your San Felipe vacation plans as there are other options.

Unites States Passport

Unites States Passport


The next best option is the U.S. Passport Card. This one is my favorite. I like the U.S. passport card because it is the size of credit card and thus fits conveniently into wallets. First-time applicants pay $55, while renewal costs $30. For Minors cost is $40. Very important – note that the U.S. Passport Card is for land travel only. So if you are planning to fly to San Felipe, instead of the Card, you will need your Passport. Passport Cards are cheaper than the U.S. Passport as well as more durable, so get this one if it meets your needs.

U.S. Passport Card

U.S. Passport Card


If you are a U.S. citizen and live in either Michigan, New York, Vermont or Washington State, you can apply for an Enhanced Driver’s License from your DMV. Enhanced Driver’s License also double as a you citizenship identifier and are thus acceptable U.S. border crossing documents.


The trusted traveler programs has two types; NEXUS and SENTRI. Nexus is for frequent travelers between U.S. and Canada, while SENTRI is for travelers who frequently cross the U.S. – Mexico border. The advantage of these programs is that you get to use the express lane when crossing the border. Both programs arose out of the complains by frequent border crosser and the time spent trying to cross into the U.S. Qualifying for the Nexus traveler program requires the applicant submitting himself for more advanced screening and therefore takes a little longer to obtain. Most vacationers to San Felipe will not fall in this category


The above examples have gone over documents needed by U.S. citizens. Having a U.S. green card shows you are a lawful resident of the United States and is acceptable for border crossing. When presenting a Green Card, you do not need to present this in conjunction with a passport.

There are many other permanent categories such has foreign workers with H1-B Visa, or students with F-1, etc, all these are sufficient for re-entry into the U.S.. As will all documents, your U.S. Visa and passport must be valid at the time you present your travel documents for re-entry into the U.S.

Should you have any other questions before embarking on your San Felipe vacation, do no hesitate to ask in the comments section. I will respond as soon as possible.

martin on January 20th, 2013

You are trying to decide on a San Felipe beachfront rental villa to rent for your planed San Felipe vacation, but somehow, the pictures you have seen don’t do it for you. Well, how about a virtual tour that shows you every room in the house? That’s right, this virtual tour gives you a complete walk through of this beachfront vacation rental so there are no surprises. More than the proverbial 1,000 words a picture depicts, a virtual tour would set your expectations accordingly.

This particular rental features dual living courtesy of the split level home design. As the virtual tour shows, there are 3 bedrooms. The master bedroom with California King bed is on the upper level, while two quest rooms on the lower floor each feature a queen bed. Each floor of this magnificent rental also has a separate living room which is great for creating some breathing room during your vacation or when there are arguments over what TV program to watch.

Notice the beautiful furniture and high ceiling and lots of wall decor. Look no further, this is rental for you.

Free flu shots in San Felipe. Flu season came early this year (2013) in San Felipe, however, it is not too late to get your flu shots. Flu shots are generally recommended for the young and elderly, but it’s best to get this regardless of your age.

The good news is free shots are being given in San Felipe by Baja Medical Center which is located on Highway 5 opposite El Dorado Ranch at KM 178.5. There is a big sign in front of the building so you can miss it.

Don’t delay, get your free flu shots now while you are in San Felipe. Local and vacationers welcome. It only takes a few minutes and you will be protected through the season. Some argue that it doesn’t protect against all strains of the flu, but regardless, if you still get the flu after you have taken the shot, the recovery is much faster.

Baja Medical Center phone number: 686-576-0200.